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Powered by Trane - Sustained by Nature

Facing unprecedented climate change, we must all challenge what's possible to make our world sustainable. Society demands that we act bolder and take steps to positively influence our climate and our planet.

Over decades, Trane has partnered with building owners and facility managers to understand their challenges and explore exciting opportunities, such as repurposing untapped thermal energy within buildings. Now, by leveraging new technologies and challenging our industry’s way of thinking, by pushing the boundaries of what is possible, we’ve designed climate-friendly HVAC solutions to fully satisfy any possible combination of cooling and heating needs.

Challenge what’s possible

Considering that today most European buildings use gas or oil boilers for heating, we at Trane, are committed to using renewable resources available in nature as part of our contribution to mitigate climate change and reduce carbon footprint.

Thankfully, there are natural and renewable energy sources everywhere, such as in the air or in lakes and rivers. Even better, there is energy that is free for taking in most buildings – and Trane heat pump/multi-pipe units can be used to deliver Free Heating.

Our smart and innovative HVAC systems use the latest technologies and make sustainability a priority – enabling you to reclaim and repurpose energy that would otherwise go to waste in the atmosphere.

Powered by Trane Sustained by Nature

Our broad portfolio of energy-efficient Trane heating solutions cover any need:

• Heating or cooling (heat pumps)
• Heating while cooling (chillers with heat recovery)
• Heating while cooling or heating (heat pumps with heat recovery)
• Any combination above (multi-pipe units)
• And when cooling remains the main need, our reliable chillers are always there to be integrated into the perfect HVAC system design. Our powerful Trane controls oversee the system and orchestrate for optimum operation.

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Trane Rental Services

Trane Rental Services provides comprehensive and tailored rental cooling solutions to mitigate risk during emergencies and planned shutdowns. Insufficient heating capacity can cause costly disruptions and negatively impact quality and productivity. Our vast organization of service experts offer comprehensive rental services 24/7 to ensure all your temporary needs are fully covered.

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