Reliable process cooling for efficient plant operation

Advancing product quality and plant sustainability

Modern manufacturing facilities need industry-leading technology in every corner. Today’s Trane goes beyond familiar expectations. Our advanced, technology-driven approaches are taking hold globally in manufacturing facilities where tight ambient and process temperature control are critical for product quality and throughput, and where sustainability is a priority.

Lifecycle solutions

By engaging with Trane during the early planning stages of plant construction, upgrades, or retrofits, we can help you integrate both ambient and process cooling processes that help you achieve better financial results over the short and long term. We will help you calculate upfront how our energy efficiency and extreme reliability create cost advantages that help you reduce per-unit costs and improve incremental revenue.

The total solution for precision environmental control

When product quality, throughput and safety depend on precise temperature control—in production rooms and processes—you can rely on one reputable company. Trane is a global company, which means the approaches you determine to be most beneficial can be replicated across multiple facilities anywhere.

Your Trane team of experts designs, implements, supports and maintains a solution that lets you provide the fresh, safe products your customers demand every day. Your custom solution addresses and accommodates your exact needs.

Trane Connected Services

Our Connected Services solutions improve the way equipment within systems talk to each other, and to your employees. Connected buildings and processes produce data that we can use to inform the intelligent services that make facilities more reliable and efficient. Connectivity enables remote monitoring and management, too, so that people can keep tabs on critical process equipment without entering the building, a factor that has become more important than ever as companies prepare for the potential of more mandated, unplanned shutdowns.

We can make your facilities more resilient, too

The amount of energy your facility uses has a direct and significant impact on your bottom line and your carbon-reduction initiatives. We make energy use and cost both measurable and improvable. Trane Services can help your facility get a better handle on energy demand (how much you use) and supply (the cost of the energy you purchase). We can help you through Trane EaaSy and Trane Building Advantage to eliminate the upfront costs of new projects and plan for system upgrades.

For added reassurance, we can also support HVAC and power contingency planning including temporary system design, installation, and maintenance.

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Additional services to help you succeed

Trane Rental Services

Trane Rental Services provides comprehensive and tailored rental cooling solutions to mitigate risk during emergencies and planned shutdowns. Insufficient cooling capacity can cause costly disruptions and negatively impact quality and productivity. Our vast organization of service experts offer comprehensive rental services 24/7 to ensure all your temporary needs are fully covered.

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System upgrade

Enhance the performance of your existing system with Trane Building Advantage upgrade solutions, to optimize operation and reduce environmental impact.

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