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Reduce fossil fuel dependency

No compromise on comfort or temperature control

Traditional HVAC design approaches heating and cooling production as two separate systems. Enhancing one or the other produces only limited savings in energy consumption and reduced CO2 emissions. However, a combined heating and cooling approach can significantly reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint by eliminating all or part of the fossil fuel used for heating or hot water purposes.

Trane Free Heating can help to eliminate gas or fuel consumption by repurposing the heat rejected by your cooling process.

A plant level solution for simultaneous cooling and heating needs

Depending on the building load, our range of RTSF “City” or RTWF “XStream” products can provide the ideal solution. A Trane Engineer specialist will analyze your building load, chilled water and heating plants in order to help you choose the best product for your needs.

Cooling and heating loads overlap in most HVAC applications however most buildings have separated chiller and boiler rooms with no interaction between the two systems. A Trane water-to-water heat pump links cooling and heating while providing the necessary cooling and delivering heating for free. The secret is just thermodynamics – chillers reject heat to the atmosphere when they cool a fluid, while heat pumps “pump” the same heat into the hot or warm water system of the building.

Heating for free

The simultaneous cooling and heating production of a water-to-water heat pump is also the most viable choice from an economic standpoint. Energy consumption for cooling remains the same but heat is being delivered for free as a valuable by-product of the cooling process, rather than being rejected to the atmosphere. Each kWh of heat from the heat pump represents at least one kWh less fuel consumption.

No fuel consumption, no local emissions - and no compromise on comfort & temperature levels

A Trane Heat Pump uses electricity rather than fossil fuel to provide simultaneous cooling and heating. The amount of heat produced by the heat pump corresponds to heat that is not produced by the boilers, with a direct impact on fuel consumption and local emissions.

A Trane water-to-water heat pump is designed to deliver very hot water in every condition through a wide operating map created with the right choice of refrigerant (R1234ze, GWP<1) and an innovative design. There will be no reduction in comfort or temperature levels, just lower gas or fuel energy bills.

Capital investment vs operating expense

You can choose whether to obtain your energy savings by implementing Free Heating as a capital investment, or instead opt for a monthly subscription. Thanks to our Rental Services fleet, we can offer heat pumps for short-term or long-term needs, in an Equipment-as-a-Service formula known as Trane EaaSy.

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Rental Services

Our approach to temporary HVAC and power goes beyond the typical drop-off. We design, deliver, install and even monitor safe and efficient rental solutions. Short term, long term, chiller, generator, or portable AC unit, we have the fleet and people where and when you need them.

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