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Capacity Extension and Seasonal Needs

The best way to deal with changing load and seasonal demand

A peak in cooling or heating demand can be critical for the comfort and health of people occupying a space such as a hospital, a commercial building, a factory or a warehouse. In industrial processes, a deviation from the ideal temperature setpoint can decrease quality or productivity beyond an acceptable limit. Changing climate and economic conditions are making it even more challenging, emphasising the advantages that a Rental solution can offer.

No compromise on comfort and quality of your building or process

Minimise financial risk by optimal use of capital and cash

Trane reliability, efficiency and service coverage

In most cases, cooling or heating demands depend on the outdoor temperature or other internal drivers such as occupancy or production load. Demand usually peaks for a relatively short time, sometimes just a few days. A Rental solution perfectly complements an existing HVAC installation to add cooling or heating capacity as needed.

A cooling or heating need can always be split between a base load and a peak load. A seasonal need is a specific case where base load is equal to zero. A peak is high in intensity and short in duration, so a Rental solution is ideal to smooth those peaks and preserve optimal comfort or process conditions, including in challenging situations.

Capacity expansion on demand

When the existing HVAC plant capacity cannot cope with demand due to exceptionally high or low ambient temperatures or a surge in production volume or building occupancy, a Rental solution can solve the problem and restore the right cooling or heating performance.

Typical applications: Healthcare, Industry, Hospitality, Commercial buildings, Warehouse

Capacity expansion by design

A traditional approach of sizing the HVAC plant capacity for the peak is generally a waste, as assets are not utilized for a large part of the year. A smarter and more modern approach is to invest in HVAC plant capacity for the base load and leverage the flexibility of a Rental solution for peak load management.

Typical applications: Industry, Warehouses, Commercial buildings

Seasonal needs

Some businesses are intrinsically seasonal and require cooling or heating for a very short time. A Rental solution provides all the flexibility and agility required to make these businesses profitable, with a “pay as you go” model.

Typical applications: Ice rinks, Wine making, Agriculture

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