Trane Introduces Wellsphere™, a New Portfolio of Solutions for Indoor Environmental Quality and Building Wellness

Products and services in the Wellshpere™ portfolio offer a holistic approach to optimizing a building’s indoor environmental quality

Brussels, Sept. 1, 2021 – Trane®, a leading global provider of indoor comfort solutions and services and a brand of Trane Technologies, introduced Wellsphere™, its new portfolio of products and services that address building wellness and efficiency with a holistic approach to optimizing a building’s indoor environmental quality (IEQ).

Wellsphere combines Trane’s unmatched expertise and an innovative portfolio of products and services to offer individualized solutions that are tailored to the building, operations and its occupants. Trane Wellsphere addresses the two main elements of IEQ: Indoor air quality (IAQ) and thermal comfort, focusing on optimizing the conditions that can affect occupants’ wellness while balancing energy efficiency and other business realities.

“The COVID-19 pandemic revealed how, moving forward, addressing occupants’ health and wellness will be a vital part of any building’s value proposition. People are more keenly aware of the environment around them and building owners must look out for the well-being of occupants in ways likely never considered before,” said Guido De Sanctis, service business leader at Trane Europe. “While building owners rethink the needs of their occupants, Trane Wellsphere provides them with a holistic set of tools to enhance indoor spaces without negatively impacting energy efficiency, the environment and their operating costs. As we all look to improve indoor environments, we must ensure we’re not negatively impacting the outdoor environment.”

To help building owners, professionals, contractors, and engineers make the right indoor environmental decisions and investments, Wellsphere offers a set of comprehensive IEQ solutions:
• Assessment – a fact based, data-driven analysis of building’s IAQ focusing on key contributors to air quality - building ventilation, humidity control, filtration and clean air. Assessment process results with recommendations and actionable strategies for improvements to meet the latest industry recommendations for operating HVAC systems.
• Improvement – fixed or rental solutions for small and large spaces, based on the Assessment findings and building objectives. This includes:
o In-Room Air & Surface Cleaning Technology – Synexis® Dry Hydrogen Peroxide (DHP™) and AirXPro air purifiers.
o Trane Dedicated Air Cleaning Plant solutions including HEPA filtration, germicidal ultraviolet light, and a photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) process, as well as customized, modular products to meet buildings’ specific IAQ needs.
o Trane Fresh Air Supply Systems including air-handling units, heat pumps and Airfinity rooftop systems.
• Monitoring – Trane integrated building controls, standalone IoT technologies and a range of services that deliver real-time data, analytics and actionable insights to maintain optimized IEQ. Monitoring offers visibility into the building’s IAQ including airborne contaminants such as Particulate matter (PM) Total volatile organic compounds (tVOC) or Carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide (CO and CO2).
With Trane Connected Services, Trane building professionals and energy engineers analyse data and equipment behaviour in the context of the overall system and opportunities for improvement.

“Trane has always led with the philosophy that every building is unique and deserves an individualized approach; there is no one solution that meets the needs of every space,” said De Sanctis. “Trane engineers and technicians design custom solutions based on a building’s unique needs. Whether opting for a fixed or rental solution, with Wellsphere building owners and operators can make an educated choice and invest in the improvements that deliver the best outcome for occupants and the biggest returns for operators.”

For more details of on Trane Wellsphere and the complete Trane portfolio of solutions, please visit

For more on Trane Technologies’ Indoor Environmental Quality perspective and expertise, explore the following resources:
• Center for Healthy & Efficient Spaces (CHES) – convenes leading internal and external experts to advance indoor environmental quality (IEQ) policy, strategies and solutions; establishing a roadmap for more resilient and sustainable communities and spaces.
• IEQ At-a-Glance - a one-page overview of Indoor Environmental Quality
• Understanding IEQ Primer - an in-depth guide that explains the core elements of IEQ, how it changes in different types of spaces, and how Trane Technologies and our businesses take a holistic approach to improving it.
• Healthy Spaces with Trane Technologies Podcast - a series of conversations with experts that explore the sprawling world of indoor spaces, from the inside out.

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