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Rental Vertical Markets

Fast response, flexibility, risk minimisation, financial optimisation, sustainability: all customers value one or more of the advantages offered by a Trane Rental Services solution. There is always a good reason.

Our knowledge and expertise applied to your business

Even though Rental is for everyone, not all customers and applications are made the same. Our highly trained engineers are experienced in all kinds of scenarios: a successful project always starts from a good understanding of what the customer needs.

A wide-ranging, modern, perfectly maintained fleet of Trane chillers, heat pumps and rooftops supported by a full range of ancillary items

Our Rental engineers will understand your needs and configure the best solution based on our versatile, modern, efficient and reliable Trane fleet. Thanks to their expertise and commitment, the project is executed in the safest, fastest and most professional manner.

Cooling or heating services, the rest is on us.

Through our Rental Services, we deliver cooling and heating. You do not need a chiller or a boiler, you need cooling or heating delivered in the most reliable and efficient way, depending on your industry or application.


Recent events have reinforced the importance of healthcare in our lives. Heating and cooling are important processes to support caregivers in their mission and guarantee safety and comfort.

• Hospitals
• Pharmaceuticals
• Emergency shelters

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Industry and Power Generation

Cooling and heating are vital elements for many industrial processes to guarantee product quality and yield. Just after production, the right temperature and humidity conditions are crucial for storage, and the comfort and safety of all workers must also be maintained.

• Pharmaceutical industry
• Plastics industry
• Logistics and warehouses
• Chemical industry
• Power stations

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Food and Beverage

proper temperature and humidity conditions are important in the livestock and agriculture sectors to ensure an adequate supply of food throughout the year. From maintaining the right air or water temperature conditions for rearing animals or growing vegetables to storing perishable goods at the right temperature, the solution is just a phone call away.

• Food and beverage processing
• Wineries
• Greenhouses and cold storage
• Animal husbandry
• Fish farms

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Data Centers and Telecom

The strategic importance of data and telecom providers is clear in the world of today. Cooling is a critical process to keep servers and services online and avoid any downtime. Due to the fast pace of data volume growth, computing power is on the rise and so is the cooling load. Rental chillers are increasingly being used to cope with this dynamic development.

• Data centres
• Telecom providers

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Temporary installations for special events are very challenging in terms of budget, schedule and customer satisfaction. The thermal comfort of a tent or the ice quality of an ice rink can make all the difference between success and failure. Let Trane work behind the scenes while you perform on stage.

• Hospitality and gatherings
• Movies and studios
• Ice rinks


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