Trane Hosts Roundtable on Decarbonizing our Economy, Buildings and Spaces

Leading European organizations and public stakeholders showcase how innovative approach to heating and cooling helps them save over 3,400 tonnes of CO2 annually

Brussels, Jan. 18, 2020 – Trane®, a brand of global climate innovator Trane Technologies (NYSE: TT), will host a free virtual roundtable discussion on January 20, 2021 at 10:30am CET and is joined by organisations and public stakeholders, who share the common aspiration of fighting Climate Change. Participants will present real life environmental cases for decarbonisation of heating and cooling through electrification and discuss how to increase energy efficiency of our cities, buildings and spaces.

In Europe, buildings are responsible for 40 percent of energy consumption and 36 percent of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), and over half of the energy used in buildings is on heating and cooling. During the interactive roundtable discussion hosted by Jose La Loggia, president of Trane for Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Thomas Nowak, secretary general of the European Heat Pump Association, attendees will learn how innovative approach to heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) allows four different projects to save over 3,400 tonnes of CO2 annually.

“Around the world, we are experiencing unprecedented demands to take action on the environment,” said Jose La Loggia. “While renewables are helping to green our global electricity system, tackling the impact of heating and cooling in buildings and spaces is critical for fighting the Climate Change. With this event we want to present the knowledge needed to accelerate action further and impact the carbon footprint for decades to come. Our partners from across Europe will demonstrate how they are already taking on the challenge and using innovative solutions to drastically cut emissions.”

Senior managers, engineering teams and representatives of the following projects will participate in the roundtable event:

- Energy Hub Aalsmeer, Netherlands: Heat in exchange for cold. Residual heat from the local datacentre as source of heat for nearby public utility buildings in Aalsmeer, Netherlands
- Mater Dei Hospital, Malta: Heat recovery project and integrated approach to HVAC plant - domestic hot water, dehumidification and space heating with significant reduction of the traditional boiler plant in the largest hospital in Malta.
- Excelsior Hotel Rapallo, Italy: Environmental responsibility and optimal climate comfort in rooms, conference areas, spa and large indoor heated swimming pool –efficient delivery of simultaneous, year-round cooling and heating without traditional boilers.
- Scottish Water Horizons: Cutting-edge combination of technologies harnessing heat from waste water to deliver low carbon energy to a district heat network in the city of Stirling, U.K.

By 2030, thanks to the efficient and sustainable heating and cooling, the four projects will bring over 34,000 tonnes of CO2 emission savings, contributing to the commitments made by Trane Technologies to reduce one gigaton of customers’ carbon emissions by 2030 – equivalent to the annual carbon emissions of Italy, France and the United Kingdom combined.


The round table and Q&A session will be live streamed on January 20, from 10.30 am - 12.00 pm (CET).

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