A well-known healthcare center in Madrid, Spain needed a quick replacement of one broken chiller. The application was mission-critical. The customer required an efficient solution with competitive operating costs and, even more importantly, a unit that was reliable and could be easily maintained.

However the most significant challenge for the Trane team was to turn the project around very quickly – that is, take the time to understand the client's needs and come up with a solution in just a few days. The full sales process – from selection to installation – needed to happen in record time.


Trane Spain delivered a Sintesis Advantage CGAF air-cooled chiller, factory equipped with dual pump and buffer tank modules. The unit was manufactured, shipped and installed in record time.

The CGAF air-cooled chiller provides all the needed benefits with top-class efficiency levels and greater accoustic comfort:
• Microchannel coil technology
• EC fans
• Industry leading scroll compressor
• 7” color user interface
• Low noise levels


The new CGAF is providing outstanding energy efficiency at lower operating costs for the healthcare center. Even more importantly, the clinic was able to continue offering the same level of comfort to its patients and focus on its critical activities.

To future proof their facility and ensure the highest standards of safety and comfort, the healthcare center has used Trane as a supplier for the third consecutive time. Trane has already provided two chillers, one Air Handling Unit and the control system. Our efficient service and maintenance teams available 24/7 represent another significant differentiator.

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Project highlights

Location: Spain

Market application: Healthcare

Customer need: Comfort cooling

Products installed: 1 x Sintesis Advantage CGAF air-cooled Chiller

Cooling Capacity: 500 kW

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Product name: Sintesis Advantage CGAF Air-Cooled Chiller

At a glance:

  • Reduced footprint: ideal for retro-fit installations and new buildings
  • High efficiency at full load and part load with variable volume scroll compressor technology and variable speed fans
  • Reduced refrigerant charge thanks to microchannel condenser coil and optimized refrigeration circuit

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