A large hospital on the outskirts of Paris was seeking to replace its existing chiller units. The client wanted to install a new system that could supply reliable, high efficiency cooling across its entire operation.


Trane worked closely with the hospital’s contractor to develop and build a state-of-the-art magnetic bearing offering. The GVWF R1234ze Maglev unit supplies cold water to a large water loop that feeds the entire hospital including operating theatres, MRI machines, wards and patient rooms.

The high-speed, oil-free centrifugal compressor use magnetic bearings with integrated variable frequency drive and soft starter module. The unit provides a wide capacity range up to 2.7 MW with industry-leading part load and full load efficiencies, connecting to the larger capacities of the Trane Centrifugal Chiller range up to 14MW, all with near zero HFO.

The GVWF 140 XSE G is rated at 429 kW for a SEER of 9.38 achieving 517 kW as a maximum capacity.


The main hospital drivers are met with the benefits offered by the high efficiency Maglev solution. With only one moving part, the oil-free unit is operationally silent and cost-effective. The magnetic bearing compressor unit brings numerous advantages:
• Increased energy savings
• Improved comfort
• Enhanced sustainability efforts

After other experiences, the hospital has also welcomed access to Trane’s wide service network and capabilities.

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Project highlights

Location: France

Market application: Healthcare

Customer need: Comfort and process cooling

Products installed: 1 x Xstream eXcellent water-cooled Chiller GVWF 140 XSE G

Cooling Capacity: 517 kW

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Product name: XStream ™ Excellent GVWF Water-Cooled Chiller

At a glance:

  • High speed centrifugal compressor with magnetic bearings
  • Industry-leading part load and full load efficiencies
  • Double refrigerant circuit
    Single refrigerant circuit (GVWF 115 / 140 XSE G)

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