The famous 5-star Palace Hotel on the Italian Riviera is undergoing extensive renovation to restore buildings to the elegance and charm of the early 1900s when it was a gathering place for the international "beau monde".

The 120 guest rooms and suites, conference rooms, spa, gym and large indoor heated swimming pool all require year-round comfort cooling and heating. The Palace Hotel was looking for an innovative and flexibile sustainable HVAC solution that also included the replacement of two pre-existing boilers and the water condensed cooler that provided the fan coil circuit.


Trane's Italy team was approached by the leading consultant to support them with the HVAC system design and find the best solution to cover the year-round cooling and simultaneous heating demand.

To best meet the balance of cooling and heating demands, Trane's solution was a unique offering combining:
• An Air-to-Water heat pump Sintesis CXAF delivering cooling in the summer in addition to heating in the winter.
• A Multi-pipe unit Sintesis Balance CMAC HE delivering cooling and heating in spring and autumn.
• Everything supervised and optimized with a Trane Chiller Plant Control (CPC).

Heat Recovery is mainly used for comfort heating and for pre-heating the swimming pool water..

The consultant was impressed with the recommended high efficiency HVAC solution and included the extra low noise hybrid system design and Trane's sustainable products in their specifications.


Trane's thermal solution was a perfect fit offering high level of guest comfort, flexibility and system redundancy. Sustainability is well taken care of by using a renewable energy source and reusing heat recovered from the cooling process.

The hotel now boasts:
• 25% energy cost savings
• 200 tons of CO2 savings
• Total Efficiency Ratio (TER) improved x 3

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Project highlights

Location: Italy

Market application: Hospitality

Customer need: Comfort cooling and heating

Products installed: • 1 x Sintesis Advantage CXAF air-to-water Heat pumps • 1 x Sintesis Balance CMAC Multi-pipe unit • Energy saving option: Heat recovery • Trane Chiller Plant Control

Cooling Capacity: 1000 kW

Heating Capacity: 1000 kW

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Featured products

Product name: Sintesis Advantage CXAF Air-to-Water Heat Pump

At a glance:

  • Sustainable and reliable cooling and heating, all year round
  • Air-sourced renewable technology
  • High efficiency at full load and part load with variable volume scroll compressor technology and variable speed fans

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Featured products

Balance™ CMAC Multi-Pipe Unit

Product name: Balance™ CMAC Multi-Pipe Unit

At a glance:

  • Simultaneous cooling and heating with two completely independent water circuits, one for chilled water and one for hot water
  • High performing scroll compressors and low speed fans
  • Total Efficiency Ratio (TER) up to 7.6

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