A multinational logistics company building a large warehouse in West Germany wanted the most energy-efficient solution possible for its new building. The company has ambitious environmental goals and is a leading signatory to The Climate Pledge, a multinational commitment by more than 300 businesses to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2040.

At 700m in length, the new building is larger than five football fields with heavy heating and cooling demand. The company is building up its warehousing capacity in Germany and already uses Trane units at many other sites.


Trane Germany worked closely with the customer to devise a solution that would significantly reduce carbon emissions, save on energy costs and help the company end its dependence on fossil fuels. With the Ukraine war affecting both energy supply and prices, companies across Europe are looking for heating solutions that are 100% gas- and oil-free.

For the new logistics warehouse in Germany, Trane recommended Airfinity rooftop units – these are compact, low in weight and utilise a refrigerant with very low GWP.

Trane installed 32 Airfinity XL rooftop heat pumps to provide more than 40,000 m³ per hour of fresh air. The solution also provides free cooling and the R454B refrigerant has a near-zero GWP. The rooftop unit, which comes with Trane Controls management, also has 800 Pa external pressure and can satisfy both heating and cooling demand in the new warehouse.


The Rooftop heat pumps are very cost-effective compared to traditional air-handling units. They can provide both cooling and heating and are 100% gas- and oil-free. If the company also uses renewable electricity in the new building, this will go a long way towards helping them achieve their target of full carbon neutrality.

The high 800 Pa external pressure also means that smaller filters can be used leading to further savings on costs and energy. The Airfinity units are a plug-and-play solution and easy to install and maintain.

Companies in Europe are under increasing legislative pressure to reduce dependency on gas and become carbon neutral.

Trane rooftop units combine heating, cooling, and fan functionality in a single unit and are ideal for most types of building, particularly where low initial cost and simplified installations are critical. The units offer cooling capacities from 19.8 to 247 kW and heating capacities from 20 to 273 kW, our rooftop units are an adaptable, flexible solution ideal for virtually any building. With over 70,000 rooftop units manufactured globally each year, Trane provides clients with market-leadin

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Project highlights

Location: Germany

Market application: Industry (warehouse)

Customer need: Comfort cooling and heating

Products installed: 32 x Airfinity XL Rooftop units

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Product name: Airfinity XL Large Rooftop

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  • Optimum comfort and high Indoor Air Quality
  • Energy savings: Free cooling and heat recovery solutions for maximum energy savings
  • High performance: High efficiency variable VI type compressors, connected in tandem for high seasonal efficiency

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