After years of collaboration through many projects with Trane, a plastic and rubber industry in Spain wanted to install a new cooling system for capacity extension of the factory and optimization of their plastics extrusion process. The new installation needed to be more reliable, sustainable and efficient with the following features:

• HFO refrigerant with near zero GWP for sustainability
• High efficiency for lower energy consumption
• Robustness and corrosion resistance
• Double circuit for reliability


Trane came up as the best solution with:
• 3 GVAF 250 XPG
• R1234ze refrigerant with near-zero GWP
• Net EER at selectionpoint: 3.32
• SEER according to EN-14825-2018: 6.0

Trane’s additional value to the customer:
• E-coated coils
• Trane Chiller Plant Control (CPC)
• System building knowledge and experience
• High connectivity with Webserver option
• Proven product reliability
• Service capabilities and reliability


This new system fitted the customer's specific requests combing high efficiency performance to reduce energy consumption and reliability with a long-term resistant product.
Trane also made the difference thanks to our services and team support.

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Project highlights

Location: Spain

Market application: Industry

Customer need: Process cooling

Products installed: 3 x Sintesis eXcellent GVAF air-cooled Chillers

Cooling Capacity: 950 kW

Featured products

Product name: Sintesis eXcellent GVAF Air-Cooled Chiller

At a glance:

  • Best certified seasonal efficiency of the industry according to Eurovent
  • New GVAF XSE and XSS series optimized for low GWP HFO refrigerant R1234
  • GVAF XSE and XSS series enable wide operating map and extra compact footprint (XSS version)

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