A leading retail company in Portugal was looking for a more efficient and versatile system for the opening of a new store that should improve sustainability and comfort while reducing operating.


Trane provided two Airfinity XL rooftop units. The packaged plug-and-play air-conditioner and heat pump units are the ideal choice to deliver efficiency, reliability and lifetime value.

Trane Airfinity units are equipped with many standard features that create energy savings and improve comfort with stable temperature control and high indoor air quality.

The performant system has been equipped with Energy Recovery Modules to meet the customer's energy saving goals, making it extremely flexible with no compromise on quality. The packaged ERM assembly comprises:
• Heat exchanger
• G4 filters
• Dampers
• A fully integrated exhaust fan to avoid overpressure in the building.


Coupled with gold epoxy evaporation and condensation coils, the two Airfinity™ XL units meet all the customer's expectations. Trane made the difference by providing the best sustainable solution offering both efficiency and competitive price.

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Project highlights

Location: Portugal

Market application: Retail

Customer need: Comfort cooling and heating

Products installed: • 2 x Airfinity XL Rooftop units • Energy saving option: Heat recovery

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Product name: Airfinity XL Large Rooftop

At a glance:

  • Optimum comfort and high Indoor Air Quality
  • Energy savings: Free cooling and heat recovery solutions for maximum energy savings
  • High performance: High efficiency variable VI type compressors, connected in tandem for high seasonal efficiency

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