A multinational drinks manufacturer wanted to massively increase capacity with a new plant for making recyclable bottles at its site in Hungary. The new facility, with floor area of 30,000 m2, will be producing 32,000 bottles per hour – three times more capacity than before.

A high efficiency HVAC solution was needed to ensure reliable process and comfort cooling and heating for the new building plant.


Two weatherproof AL-KO AT-4F supply air handling units were supplied to the customer along with an RTWD 200 HSE heat pump.

The AHUs installed on the roof come with their own control system as well as Building Management System (BMS) connection. A first 31.000 m3/h air volume unit provides heating capacity of 339 kW and cooling capacity of 304 kW while a second 39.000 m3/h air volume unit provides 426kW heating capacity and 368 kW comfort cooling. The units enable the customer to measure the air temperature in the hall at two points and thus ensure precise control of the air volume and supply air temperature.

The RTWD heat pump has a heating capacity of 646.18 kW and cooling capacity of 833.93 kW.


The customer has chosen Trane as a partner in the project thanks to a great working relationship and the reassurance of high-quality products.

With its state-of-the art modular technology, AL-KO AT4 series serves as the basis for ventilation and air handling systems for numerous applications. Thanks to numerous optional components and accessories, ventilation and air handling unit can be tailored to the specific requirements of the medical, chemical and industrial sectors.

With its market-leading reliability and Trane's renowned, robust screw compressor technology, Trane RTWD heat pump offers precision temperature control to the most sensitive industrial process.

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Project highlights

Location: Hungary

Market application: Food & Beverage

Customer need: Process and comfort cooling and heating

Products installed:
• 2 x AL-KO Air Handling Unit AT-4F
• 1 x Water-to-water heat pump RTWD 200 HSE

Featured products

Product name: RTWD Water-to-Water Heat Pump

At a glance:

  • Market-leading reliability with Trane's renowned, robust screw compressor technology
  • Low-speed, direct-drive semi-hermetic screw compressor featuring only three moving parts to reduce wear and tear; suction-gas-cooled motor
  • Application flexibility: condenser water temperatures up to 75°C (63°C with R134a)

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