A winery in the Murfatlar vineyard region of Romania needed temporary cooling during the vintage season.

Precise temperature control is crucial throughout the wine making process, especially during pre-fermentation, fermentation and stabilisation. It also plays an important role in the preservation and storage of the finished product.

Because these requirements are very seasonal in nature, the use of temporary cooling equipment

makes strong economic sense.

The winery requested a chilling system that would perfectly protect the wine quality throughout the different phases of the wine making process.


Trane engineers performed an in-depth assessment of the winery’s unique cooling requirements. They provided a cooling installation that would handle the wide range of operating conditions to perfectly support the wine-making process and storage.

The Rental team installed and commissioned the cooling system at the start of the harvest season. The technical team ensured that precise temperature control was being delivered throughout the wine-making process. They came back at the end of the hire duration to decommission the installation.


The Trane hire solution delivered precise temperature control as required. The wine maker was totally satisfied with the grapes and the high production standards that were key components in the final product quality.

Trane Rental Services has the right equipment, expertise and service support to meet these seasonal requirements. Our hire teams always ensure the very highest production standards for the many fabulous and diverse vineyards across Europe and beyond.

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Project highlights

Location: Romania

Market application: Winery

Customer need:

Products installed: 1 X CXAM heat pump

Cooling Capacity: 192kW

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