The global manufacturer of glass packaging for the food and beverage sector had to carry out emergency repairs which threatened to shut down the entire production line at one of its plants in Europe. The company had an extremely urgent need for short-term rental of equipment that would enable them to get rid of excess heat generated during production.

The company manufactures bottles and small pots – a process which generates hot water at 55°C. Normally the excess heat is utilized in their own systems however the emergency maintenance work meant they needed to urgently find an alternative means of cooling the process water down to 25°C. As this process water cannot go directly into the dry cooler, a heat exchanger was also required. The challenge for Trane was to provide both the dry cooler and heat exchanger as rapidly as possible to ensure disruption of the production line would be kept to an absolute minimum.


Trane was already known to the company as a reliable supplier having previously installed a chiller and HVAC system back in 2010. The company had also rented a dry cooler from Trane during an earlier period of scheduled maintenance. A member of Trane’s rental team received an emergency call from the company on a Sunday afternoon. He was on site at the factory by 7.30am the following morning and had organised for the rented dry cooler and a heat exchanger to be delivered and installed at 2pm that same day.


The installation of two 500kW dry cooler units along with a heat exchanger enabled the manufacturer to keep production going with minimal disruption. The higher the temperature, the greater the capacity of the dry coolers so the combined capacity of the installed dry cooler 500 units was 1,500KW. The dry cooler is an extremely efficient way of getting rid of excess heat produced during the manufacturing process.

The Trane rental team was able to ensure a very rapid and synchronised response to the customer’s needs. The units were installed outdoors between two buildings. Each dry cooler 500 measures just 6m x 2.5m making it ideal for locations where space is limited. The customer was delighted by Trane’s can-do attitude and ability to help so promptly and at such short notice.

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Project highlights

Location: The Netherlands

Market application: Glass packaging industry

Customer need: Heat extraction

Products installed:
• 2 X 500kW Dry Cool units
• 1 X heat exchanger

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