A biomass power plant in the Netherlands needed a short-term rental solution to ensure it could keep running when an expected delivery of boiler equipment failed to materialise.

The plant, which generates some 6,000 MW of electricity a year, cannot continue operating if the excess heat generated during production isn’t dissipated. The plant runs on wood waste fuel, a renewable organic resource. and also produces organic compost as a by-product. Normally, the heat generated during production is converted into 80°C hot water and used for city heating. However, the steam boilers used to do this failed to arrive on time and the plant was left with the problem of dealing with the excess heat.


Trane supplied four Dry Cool 500 units providing 8MW of capacity. The dry coolers were trialled in a test run and then later used for full production. The initial plan was to rent the dry cooler for four weeks however when the arrival of essential boilers parts was delayed still further, the dry cooler rental was extended.


The customer had initially contacted Trane following a Google search and was delighted with the speedy and reliable rental solution along with a high level of service. The dry coolers performed well – both as a means to test the system and in later production. The higher temperature, the higher the capacity goes so the four dry coolers were more than adequate for the power plant’s needs. The rental heralds the start of a productive business relationship.

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Project highlights

Location: The Netherlands

Market application: Power Plant

Customer need: Process cooling

Products installed: 4 X 500kW Dry Cooler unit