Production at a French chemical plant was under imminent threat of shut-down when the factory’s cold storage system failed and they were unable to ensure that materials vital to their production processes could be kept at the required low temperatures.

Aside from two short scheduled maintenance breaks in Spring and Winter, the factory operates continuously, 24/7. When the system failure occurred in Autumn, the company needed an urgent quick-fire solution to ensure production could keep going.


The company specializing in the production of fluorochemicals and polymers is already a Trane customer and in regular contact with Trane thanks to an earlier installation of two large 1400KW water-cooled chillers.

Once the Trane Rental team received the urgent call, they were able to find, deliver and install three 20-foot Magnum Plus cold storage containers within just a few days:
• 2 x 20' Magnum Plus cold storage containers to store chemicals at -10°C
• 1 x 20' Magnum Plus cold storage container to maintain product at +10°C

Although the customer tried another supplier as well, the competitor company wasn’t able to provide the required equipment for at least ten days – far too long for the customer who would have had to shut down production. The initial call to Trane came in on a Thursday afternoon and the containers were delivered and installed by noon the following Monday.


The chemical company was very pleased with Trane Rental’s solution. Chemicals are stored at the required -10°C and the other products maintained at +10°C. Trane had both the technical solution needed to keep materials at suitably low temperatures plus a very rapid response to ensure production wasn’t interrupted. The initial rental period was for three months but, with repairs still ongoing, this was extended for a further three-month period.

Trane Rental Services can offer a comprehensive cold storage solution to businesses across all sectors and industries. With a temperature range of -40°C to +30°C, Trane’s unitary Magnum Plus cold storage solution is the best way to ensure products are stored at the requisite temperature. Trane Rental Services ensures rapid access to a simple, cost-effective, one-box solution that can meet all cold storage needs. Trane SuperFreezers offer exceptionally high-performance with cold store temperatures as low as - 70°C.

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Project highlights

Location: France

Market application: Chemical plant

Customer need: Cold storage for chemicals at -10°C and +10°C

Products installed:
• 2 x 20' Magnum Plus cold storage containers to store chemicals at -10°C
• 1 x 20' Magnum Plus cold storage container to maintain product at +10°C

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Product name: C-STORE 20/40HC

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  • Highly flexible solution for any temperature set-point: choose temperatures between +45°C and -40°C in ambient conditions up to +50°C
  • Advanced temperature management control system for extremely precise temperature control over the whole operating range (-40°C to +45°C): +/- 0.25°C in chilled mode and +/- 1°C in frozen mode.
  • Fast pull-down: Superior cooling capacity allows to reach specific set-points faster and increase the storage life of your shipments
  • Available in sizes 20 ft or 40HC

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