A food logistic platform situated in the south of France was looking for a rental backup to support its chillers during summer. The main requirement was for the system to be able to provide temperatures of -8/-4°c during the temperature peaks that often occur in the south.


The local Trane Rental engineers team surveyed the facility requirements on site. One rental air-cooled chiller and three contained cold storage units were selected to deliver the additional 220 kW cooling needed.

The chiller units were delivered, installed and commissioned as per schedule to ensure the perfect temperature environment for the good preservation of the food products.


The customer was reassured by our proven track record on reliability and our strong customer relations. We were delighted to able to provide them with the ideal cold storage solution. This installation proved essential to compensate for the lack of existing cooling power caused by the high temperatures.

Trane's low temperature technologies offer a wide range of solutions from -70°C to +40°C for multiple storage and warehousing applications. We offer low temperature solutions for many applications from short-term to long-term storage, warehousing and testing. Our solutions can be adapted to perfectly meet customer needs. Our teams also provide 24/7 support and remote monitoring to recognize problems before they happen – ensuring your business keeps running.

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Project highlights

Location: France

Market application: Food logistic platform

Customer need:

Products installed: • 1 x Rental air-cooled chiller • 3 x Cold storage units

Cooling Capacity: 220 kW

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