A multinational logistics company with cold storage facilities across Europe was looking for a comprehensive, fast-track cooling solution for a newly-built property in Romania. Deadlines were very tight as the company’s new tenant – a large supermarket chain – would be taking over the facility in less than four weeks. With construction already running behind, it was imperative for the logistics company to find a rapid, robust and workable solution.

The warehouse would be housing one of the regional logistic centres. The requirement was to provide temporary cooling for the cold storage of perishable food in an area measuring more than 7,000 square metres, bigger than a football pitch. Highly accurate, precise temperature control was vital: if temperatures are either too low or too high, the goods can be damaged very quickly.


Trane Rental Services was able to respond swiftly to the warehouse company’s request. Air-cooled chillers are typically located in the open air so, in order to chill the interior of the warehouse, a large number of Low Temperature Blowers were also installed. These would provide a curtain of cold air falling from height onto the goods.

The Romanian Trane Rental team was able to provide a full turnkey solution for the customer:
• 2 x air cooled Sintesis RTAF245 chillers, fully equipped for rental with hydraulic modules and “plug and play connections”
• 16 x low temperature blowers
• Installation of all the hydraulics, pipework, electric cabling and other accessories.

Altogether, this would provide 1.7 MW cooling capacity at Eurovent conditions and meet the application requirements.


The Romanian Rental team was able to react fast thanks to fleet flexibility at European level, technical support and expertise in successfully carrying out numerous fast-track projects proved over the years.

In total, six trucks of equipment were delivered to the site including:
• 1km of power cable
• 1km of PVC piping
• Over 10 tons of glycol
• 4.6km of galvanized steel profile for building removable racks.

The entire installation was all deployed and functional within the required time frame by a multidisciplinary Trane Rental team. Training for the end user and full functional testing was also provided. The customer was delighted with Trane Rental’s rapid response which ensured that the supermarket was able to use the warehouse facilities immediately.

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Project highlights

Location: Romania

Market application: Industry (Food and beverage warehouse)

Customer need: Process cooling

Products installed:
Turnkey solution:
• 2 x air-cooled Sintesis RTAF chillers
• 16 x low temperature blowers
• Installation of all the hydraulics, pipework, electric cabling and accessories.

Cooling Capacity: 1700 kW

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