A leading developer of protein products for the food and beverage sector has found it increasingly challenging to achieve sufficient cooling during manufacturing processes owing to climate change. Until recently, the company would use groundwater sourced at ambient temperatures from nearby canals for cooling at its large plant.

Although using groundwater continues to be a suitable solution during winter months, climate change has increased ambient temperatures in summer to such an extent that food products are getting spoiled. If it’s over 10°C, the ingredients used in the manufacturing process get too warm and start to decay.


Trane Rental Services worked closely with the customer to determine their capacity needs. The company develops vegetable protein as a by-product of other manufacturing processes. It’s a relatively new operation which utilizes waste product that would otherwise be thrown away. To this end, the company has created a factory-within-a-factory to carry out this additional manufacturing operation.

To cool down the 35°C high temperature water down to 7°C, Trane Rental installed:
• 1 x water-cooled chiller with 1.2 MW capacity
• 1 x food-grade, shell and tube 750 KW heat exchanger.


The customer is very satisfied with the solution from Trane Rental Services which has enabled production to keep going throughout the year without any risk of products spoiling.

The initial rental period was for 16 weeks over the summer months. The customer will either renew its Trane Rental contract for the coming summer, or make a capital investment in the purchase of a new cooling system.

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Project highlights

Location: The Netherlands

Market application: Food & beverage

Customer need: Seasonal process cooling: 2000 kW

Products installed:
• 1 x 1200kW water-cooled screw chiller
• 1 x food-grade, shell and tube 750KW heat exchanger

Cooling Capacity: 2000 kW

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Product name: RTWD/RTUD Water-Cooled Chiller

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  • Compact physical footprint: fits through standard single-width door
  • Low-speed, direct-drive semi-hermetic screw compressor featuring only 3 moving parts, suction-gas-cooled motor
  • Extended and unmatched capacities

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