A large hospital in the Czech Republic – sited close to both a river and city centre – was seeking an urgent solution to its handling of toxic waste material.

The hospital generates huge amounts of waste and typically utilises a large on-site incinerator to burn as much of it as possible. The hospital also undertakes toxic waste disposal on behalf of other medical facilities. In winter, there are no issues and limitless amounts of waste can be burned and disposed of; the heat generated by the incinerator is redistributed and used to heat the whole facility in place of gas burners.

However, in Summer, there is nowhere for the heat to go and, with an ever-increasing amount of material to deal with, the incinerator has reached its strict heat output limits. Unable to burn all the waste, hospital staff are sometimes obliged to leave toxic waste in bags outside the buildings, causing a substantial health and environmental risk.


The local Trane Rental Services team determined that a heat rejection solution using dry coolers would provide sufficient extra cooling capacity in the system to keep the incinerator well below its heat output limits.

Trane Rental is set to install three DRY250 units capable of cooling the water in the system down from 90°C to 60°C.


The hospital is satisfied with the solution. Operating over the summer, the three dry coolers combined will have a total cooling capacity of 2.1MW. This is sufficient to ensure the incinerator doesn’t overheat and will enable the hospital to dispose of waste safely and efficiently year-round without interruption.

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Project highlights

Location: Czech Republic

Market application: Hospital

Customer need: Heat rejection solution for incinerator during climate peaks

Products installed: 3 x 250kW Dry Cooler

Cooling Capacity: 2.1 MW