Air conditioning was needed for a giant 13,500 m3 marquee in the UK countryside to be used for a lavish birthday party involving 400 guests and performances by two A-list pop stars.

The marquee, which was 30m wide x 45m long x 10m high, was located in the middle of a field. Air conditioning was needed to provide optimal comfort cooling throughout the structure.

One of the biggest challenges was how to route the airflow. The original plan had been to conceal ducts under raised platforms inside the marquees with the cooled air pumped into the structure at ground level. However, a last-minute change meant these areas would be occupied by tables and chairs.


Working closely with the event planners, Trane Rental engineers devised a new solution with the ducts positioned vertically and concealed between the outer shell of the marquee and the inner lining.

Trane Rental UK’s solution included chillers providing leaving water temperature at 6°C to ensure comfort cooling of 18°C to 19°C.

Trane Rental supplied:
• 2 x Sintesis Advantage CGAF100 air-cooled chillers
• 2 x 400kW Air handling units.

The project also involved:
• Over 200m of ducting
• 8 x sets of 610mm flexible duct


The installation worked perfectly on the party night with a Trane Rental engineer on standby throughout the event.

The day of the party was very hot and humid but Trane Rental’s robust solution ensured optimal temperatures inside the marquee for the hundreds of guests, staff and performers.

It is by far the largest single temporary structure that Trane Rental UK has ever worked with. The hire period was for a full week to allow for the complex installation and dismantling phases to take place.

Trane Rental Services offers access to an extensive fleet of HVAC cooling and heating equipment, ensuring event organisers have exactly the right solution for their needs. Temporary air conditioning and cold storage solutions for events can be supplied throughout the year – from marquees set up for film crews to structures at tennis tournaments for players and staff.

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Project highlights

Location: United Kingdom

Market application: Events

Customer need: Temporary comfort cooling hire for a 13,500 m3 event marquee

Products installed:
• 2 x Sintesis Advantage CGAF air-cooled chillers
• 2 x 400kW Air handling units

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