One of the biggest suppliers of meat and vegan products in Switzerland needed a robust, reliable and cost-efficient solution for keeping its meat products at very low temperatures. The company supplies products to outlets throughout Switzerland and was carrying out renovation works at its large facility in order to increase capacity.


The local Trane Rental Services team worked closely with the customer to identify its needs and devise the appropriate solution. They were seeking a plug-in solution that would be easy to install and provide temperatures of -18°C. Trane Rental recommended cold store containers which would be cheaper to run than chillers and allow for rapid implementation.

The customer initially thought that 20’ containers would be sufficient but, after further assessment, it was decided that four 40’ cold stores were the ideal option.

The Rental team sourced the containers from the pan-Europe Trane Rental fleet and delivered:

• 4 x 40' C-store containers

Each 40’ container provide the width of two standard pallets and can provide capacity of up to 68.6 cubic metres.


The C-store containers offer temperature-controlled modular storage and can store products at temperatures ranging from -40°C to +30°C. The food producer has been very satisfied with Trane Rental’s turnkey solution.

Trane Rental offers cold storage solutions with extensive applications in short-term to long-term storage which can be adapted to meet customers’ needs. The containers are available in sizes 10', 20' and 40'. Precise temperature control and fully electric operation ensure continuous reliability, optimal performance and low running costs. The containers provide economical, powerful cooling with fault-free operation providing the ideal temperature to store your products.

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Project highlights

Location: Switzerland

Market application: Food industry

Customer need: Temporary plug-in frozen storage solution

Products installed: • 4 x 40' Magnum Plus cold storage containers

Featured products

Product name: C-STORE 20/40HC

At a glance:

  • Highly flexible solution for any temperature set-point: choose temperatures between +40°C and -40°C in ambient conditions up to +50°C
  • Advanced temperature management control system for extremely precise temperature control +/- 0.25°C in chilled mode and +/- 1°C in frozen mode.
  • Fast pull-down: Superior cooling capacity allows to reach specific set-points faster and increase the storage life of your shipments
  • Available in sizes 20 ft or 40HC

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