A major food supplier in Saudi Arabia had an urgent need for cold storage at its large abattoir in the desert 100km outside Riyadh. The company is a food supplier for residential camps housing workers and needed to ensure reliable cold storage conditions in the face of increasing demand for food supplies. The company needs to keep temperatures at -15°C for storing the frozen chickens until they reach the end user.


The customer reached out to Trane Rental Services. The local Rental team promptly conducted a comprehensive site survey at the abattoir to assess the specific building and customer requirements.

Based on their expertise and deep understanding of the cold chain demands, Trane recommended two 20' cold store containers. Not only would this solution ensure rapid implementation, but it would also prove to be a cost-effective alternative to a permanent cold storage setup.


Trane Rental recognizes the critical importance of maintaining an uncompromising level of quality and safety throughout the cold chain process, especially when it comes to the storage of frozen food. With their extensive experience in handling the complexities of food and beverage processing, distribution, packaging, and storage, Trane Rental was the ideal partner to address the customer's specific requirements and deliver a solution that would exceed expectations.

The customer's satisfaction with Trane Rental cold store solution lead them to make a confident decision to opt for a one-year contract under Trane's EaaSy rental program.
EaaSy, short for "Equipment-as-a-Service," provides the customer with a comprehensive package of advantages including round-the-clock support from Trane's extensive network of service engineers. This rental solution relieves the customer of the risks, costs, and burdens associated with equipment ownership, allowing them to focus on their core operations.

Trane Rental’s cold store containers are available in sizes 10', 20' and 40'. Precise temperature control and fully electric operation ensure continuous reliability, optimal performance and low running costs. The economical yet powerful cooling capabilities, coupled with fault-free operation, ensure that your products are stored at the ideal temperature, preserving their quality and freshness.

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Project highlights

Location: United Arab Emirates

Market application: Food & beverage

Customer need: Cold storage

Products installed: 2 x 20' C-STORE G cold storage container

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Product name: C-STORE G 20

At a glance:

  • The sustainable solution, using low GWP refrigerants in the highly efficient CFF unit by Thermo King
  • Advanced temperature management control system for extremely precise temperature control over the whole operating range (-30°C to +45°C): +/- 0.25°C in chilled mode and +/- 1°C in frozen mode.
  • Fast pull-down: Superior cooling capacity allows to reach specific set-points faster and increase the storage life of your shipments
  • Available in size 20 ft

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