In one of the picturesque regions of Switzerland, a family-run winery has been crafting wines for over five generations. Nested near the Lake Biel south of Basel, the winery mainly produces Pinot Noir red wine and the renowned Chasselas white wine, a true reflection of the region's character.

To ensure the utmost quality and flavor, the winery relies on precise temperature control throughout the storage and fermentation stages. Maintaining the needed consistent low temperatures is crucial at each step to ensure the best quality wine.

To meet this challenge head-on, the winery has partnered with Trane Rental Services. Year after year, Trane Rental Services has been instrumental in supporting the winery's expansion efforts and process improvements.


The winemaking process begins with freshly squeezed grapes carefully loaded onto specialized plastic trays. These trays find their temporary home incTrane C-STORE cold containers, allowing to extend the production time while preserving the grapes' quality after harvest.

After a period of one to three days, the grapes undergo a transformative process, being crushed into a liquid known as "must." This precious liquid is then transferred into large stainless steel, double-walled insulated tanks. To initiate the fermentation process, yeast is introduced, setting in motion a chemical reaction where sugar is converted into alcohol.

As the fermentation progresses, the yeast's activity generates heat, necessitating a cooling mechanism to maintain the desired temperature of 10°C. At one of the winery's sites, groundwater is harnessed to chill the water. While, at the second site, a 20kW rental chiller unit is used to constantly circulate chilled water through the tanks. To further aid in dissipating the heat within the cellar, an air handling unit installed in the production room ensures a steadfast temperature of 18°C, creating an optimal environment for the winemaking process.


The winery's partnership with Trane Technologies has proven to be highly successful in improving their temperature control system installation. Since initially hiring a single chiller in 2016, the winery has steadily increased its capacity and relied on Trane Rental Services for additional support. In 2021, they expanded their rental equipment to include two air handling units, and in 2022, they also started renting two C-store storage containers. These plug-and-play containers provide the winery with the convenience of storing up to 10 Euro-pallets each.

The winery has recognized the importance of slow and precise chilling of the grapes to achieve a higher quality product. With Trane Rental's reliable and robust equipment, as well as the excellent customer service of the local Swiss rental team, the winery has experienced significant improvements in their winemaking process. The result is the production of better wines and a smoother overall operation.

While the winery initially relied on Trane Rental Services for equipment installation, they have since taken on the task themselves. However, the exceptional customer service provided by the local rental team remains a crucial aspect of their partnership.

The rental period for the winery varies each year, depending on the weather conditions. Typically, the rental period lasts from mid-September to the end of October. The storage containers are only required for four weeks, while the chiller and air handling units are rented for approximately six to seven weeks.

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Project highlights

Location: Switzerland

Market application: Food & beverage

Customer need: Teperature control systems to support the winery's expansion efforts and process improvements

Products installed:
• 2 x 20' C-STORE cold storage container
• 1 20kW chiller
• 2 x Air Handling Units

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Product name: C-STORE 20/40HC

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  • Highly flexible solution for any temperature set-point: choose temperatures between +45°C and -40°C in ambient conditions up to +50°C
  • Advanced temperature management control system for extremely precise temperature control over the whole operating range (-40°C to +45°C): +/- 0.25°C in chilled mode and +/- 1°C in frozen mode.
  • Fast pull-down: Superior cooling capacity allows to reach specific set-points faster and increase the storage life of your shipments
  • Available in sizes 20 ft or 40HC

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