A large fire caused extensive damage at a warehouse in northern France. More than 5 500m² of food products were destroyed. The company needed an emergency rental for cold storage until it could resume normal operations.


The local Trane Rental team was quick on site to assess the installation damage and decide on the best cold store units to provide quick and cost effective cooling to prevent spoilage and save the intact food stock.

Four cold store units were delivered and commissioned to deliver the right constant temperature control for the good and safe preservation of the food.


Trane low temperature cooling solution allowed the facility manager to go through the difficult recovery period.

Trane's cold storage solutions have extensive applications in short-term to long-term storage, warehousing and testing. Our solutions can be adapted to perfectly meet clients' needs with options including telematics, remote monitoring.

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Project highlights

Location: France

Market application: Warehouse

Customer need:

Products installed: 4 x Rental air-cooled Chiller