Conquest CXAX Air-to-Water Heat Pump

Cooling capacity: 40 - 155 kW

Heating capacity: 40 - 155 kW

  • Compact design: reduced footprint and low-profile design
  • Reversible operation: cooling or heating
  • Optimized for R454B low GWP refrigerant and high seasonal efficiency
  • Low sound levels with no compromise on efficiency
  • Wide operating map: down to -15°C ambient air and up to +60°C leaving hot water temperature
  • Single and/or dual circuit

The most sustainable and best value R454B heat pump

Comfort, sustainability and economy are primary concerns when selecting HVAC equipment for your building. Trane Conquest heat pumps combine high performance and proven reliability in a compact and affordable design, delivering maximum value.

CXAX can heat or cool down your building all year round, whether the outdoor air temperature is -15°C or +46°C. Units can deliver up to 60°C hot water temperature.

Low noise – with no compromise on efficiency

Operating noise can be a significant disturbance in sensitive building environments. Most manufacturers oversize their units in order to reduce sound power levels. Trane’s Conquest range has been designed to deliver lower noise, without reducing efficiency or affecting the footprint. Low Noise (LN) models achieve an impressive 47 dB(A) sound pressure level at 10m in free field.

Smart and simple

Operation is easy thanks to the integrated Trane Symbio™ 800 controller with optional LCD interface.

Communication interfaces are available to provide connectivity with Modbus, BACnet® and Trane BMS.

  • Trane Conquest heat pumps are available in 14 sizes. Units are available with single and/or dual circuit (on 90-155 kW range), as well two acoustic packages: Standard Noise, Low Noise (with no loss of efficiency).

Technical Specifications

Product name Cooling capacity Heating capacity Eurovent certification ErP Certification
Conquest CXAX Air-to-Water Heat Pump 40-155 kW 40-155 kW
Compressor Refrigerants Energy saving Operating mode Data protocols Unit type
R454B | R410A Heat recovery
Cooling only
Heat pump


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