XStream™ RTWF XSE Water-to-Water Heat Pump

Cooling capacity: 410 - 1320 kW

Heating capacity: 450 - 1430 kW

  • Variable Vi compressor with permanent magnet motor, AFD as standard
  • Market-leading full and part load efficiencies
  • Minimized refrigerant charge with CHILL falling film evaporator
  • Maximum condenser temperature of 68°C
  • Extended and unmatched capacities
  • Trane Adaptive Control™: Tracer® Symbio™ 800 microprocessor system enhances chiller with the latest chiller control technology

Outstanding energy efficiency

The latest Trane screw compressor with Variable Volume increases part load efficiency by using Variable Volume Index (Variable Vi):

• Allows the chiller to operate at the most appropriate pressure ratio to reach remarkable efficiency levels.
• Increases part load efficiency (SCOP) vs. the equivalent model at Fixed Vi.

Variable Primary Flow (VPF) capabilities

VPF systems provide building owners with multiple cost savings derived directly from pump operation.
The XStream series is designed to make VPF easy to use.
• The evaporator on the RTWF XStream series can run safely with up to 50% water flow reduction
• The microprocessor and capacity control algorithms are designed to handle a maximum of 10% change in water flow rate per minute in order to maintain ±0.3°C temperature control leaving the evaporator.
• For applications in which system energy savings are the priority and tight temperature control is classified as +/- 1.1°C, up to 30% change in flow per minute is possible.
• With the help of a TRANE software analysis tool, you can determine whether the anticipated energy savings justify the use of VPF in a particular application.

Proven Trane reliability

Trane XStream™ series chillers are capable of sustaining precise temperatures at extremely tight tolerances that are key to occupant comfort and crucial to many demanding mission-critical processes through:

• Design simplicity
• Unmatched direct drive compressor, low speed, semi-hermetic compressor with only three moving parts
• Infinite unloading for exact load matching
• Tracer® Symbio™ 800 controller with patented algorithms anticipate and correct situations to keep the chiller online
• Extensive factory testing available to verify operation at customer-defined conditions

Multiple chiller plant design

The overall RTWF unit efficiency can be enhanced by using the Series counterflow design, an alternative chiller layout to the conventional parallel piped configuration.

This layout provides the opportunity for:
• Lower chilled water design temperature with larger ΔT
• Reduced design flow
• Installation and operational cost savings by using fewer installed pumps and valves, reduced pipe diameters and chiller downsizing
• Maximized system efficiency
• Continuous temperatures allow better stability of controls.

Combining series configuration with Variable Primary Flow (VPF) makes it possible to increase system efficiency even further.

  • Heating: from +4.4 to 20°C on the evaporator side and up to 48°C on the condenser side

  • RTWF XSE packaged chillers are available in five different models.

Technical Specifications

Product name Cooling capacity Heating capacity Eurovent certification ErP Certification
XStream™ RTWF XSE Water-to-Water Heat Pump 410-1320 kW 450-1430 kW
Compressor Refrigerants Energy saving Operating mode Data protocols Unit type
R134a Adaptive Frequency™ Drive
N/A Lonmark


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