Exergy RE, P and S Series industrial Heat Pumps

Heating capacity: 30 - 2000 kW

  • Suited for heating and cooling applications, either as dedicated cooling/heating solutions or as a combined solution
  • Multiple compressor technology: Scroll, Piston and Screw
  • Multiple refrigerants: standard to near zero GWP
  • Optimal for industrial markets, hotels, office buildings and schools and for other applications such as waste heat recovery, ground source heating, air conditioning, or warehouse cooling
  • Maximum condenser temperature of +120°C
  • Minimum Heat Source temperature of -20°C

Affordable and environmentally friendly energy

A heat pump is an investment with short payback period. Annual savings in energy can reach up to eighty per cent – and the same goes for CO2 emissions.

Exergy heat pumps provide significant results for a wide variety of applications:
- Heating in residential or commercial buildings
- District heating
- Heating industrial processes
- Domestic hot water delivery...

Making the best use of wasted energy

Exergy has the outstanding ability of extracting heat from various sources to repurpose instead of leaving it unexploited or simply wasted.
- Geothermy based applications
- Heat recovery from Industrial processes, data centers or refrigeration plants.

Combined heating and cooling

As a standalone unit, the single Exergy heat pump can be used for both heating and cooling simultaneously, without any extra machinery involved. Valuable heat is available virtually for free, as it is generated as a by-process of cooling. The typical COP in these applications is between 5 and 6.

  • From -20 to 47°C on the evaporator side and up to 120°C on the condenser side

  • RE Series are equipped with scroll compressors
    P Series are equipped with piston compressors
    S Series are equipped with screw compressors

  • RE: 210 to 420
    P: 30 to 450
    S: 180 to 2000

Technical Specifications

Product name Cooling capacity Heating capacity Eurovent certification ErP Certification
Exergy RE, P and S Series industrial Heat Pumps N/A 30-2000 kW
Compressor Refrigerants Energy saving Operating mode Data protocols Unit type
R1234ze | R513A | R1233zd | R134a | R410A | R450A N/A Heat pump
Simultaneous cooling and heating


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