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Cooling and Heating solutions for quick and efficient pest eradication

With global warming and the use of high doses of chemicals, we are facing a proliferation of insects that are increasingly resistant to insecticides. Trane has the most effective approach to rid areas of insect spreads, with environmentally-friendly, non-invasive solutions.

Non-hazardous eradication of infestations

Radical insect pest treatment with two destruction systems

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Material and economic damages can result from the proliferation of insect pests, especially bed bugs. It is essential to act quickly when the first signs of an infestation are detected to prevent infestation. Trane offers a wide range of freezing and heating pest control solutions that are available from stock for immediate delivery.

Hotels and industries face significant challenges from bedbug infestations. Advanced HVAC units and cold stores offer a sustainable solution by leveraging temperature extremes. Bedbugs cannot survive prolonged exposure to high heat or freezing conditions. Such temperature treatments can be comprehensive, affecting bedbugs in all life stages.

Unlike chemical methods, temperature control is non-toxic and environmentally responsible.

These two methods protect both guests and furnishings from harmful chemical residues. It also enhances the reputation of businesses, showcasing their commitment to safe and innovative solutions.

Freezing pest treatment

The cooling solution by surgelation kills pests that have lodged in all materials and furnishings (clothes, bedding, curtains, carpets, furniture, shoes, bags, books....). Insects reach the thermal death point at freezing temperatures between -20°C and -30°C .

Freezing can be used in combination with thermal treatment for a total extermination solution.

Trane offers cold storage solutions with low to ultra low temperatures ranging from -70°C to +40°C, in short- to long-term storage. ISO containers are available in sizes 10', 20' and 40'. Our solutions can be adapted to perfectly meet your needs with options including telematics, remote monitoring and controlled atmosphere.

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Thermal pest treatment

The heating treatment involves exposing pests and their eggs to an air stream at 60°C for a few hours. Insects die by desiccation.

By using portable heaters, or more advanced solutions with air handling units (AHU's) and superheaters, Trane can help you rid your premises of bed bugs with no site preparation work required.

Portable heaters offer a fast and reliable solution to be used for small areas, while AHU's and heat pumps combinations can perform more complex tasks with great flexibility and scalability. They are very effective at distributing heating to multiple spaces or implementing a uniform distribution to a single large space.

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