Swing Chiller


Ideal for chilled water plants with variable cooling load

Increased water temperature stability

Reduced energy consumption

The bigger the chiller, the larger the compressor, the better the efficiency is an excellent rule of thumb. However, although usually true at full load, part load scenarios can be very different - sometimes inducing operational issues and reducing chiller lifetime and system efficiency. Adding a small "swing chiller" can smooth operations and deliver outstanding energy savings.

Plant level solutions to match demand and supply

Most cooling systems have to deal with fluctuating building loads with variations in outside temperature, occupancy, machinery or production capacity and production shifts. When the turndown exceeds 50% of the nominal capacity, running a large chiller can be very inefficient: unloading a screw or centrifugal compressor can lead to efficiency losses and force scroll compressors into on/off cycles. Even when the chiller can efficiently reduce capacity, via a VFD for instance, water pumping losses may still exist due to the high flow rate required by the chiller to operate safely.

Depending on building load, we offer a large selection of swing chillers from our air-cooled or water-cooled chiller portfolio. A Trane Engineer specialist will analyze your building load and chilled water plant to help you choose the best solution for your needs.

Optimal operation for highest efficiency, reduced wear and increased reliability

A swing chiller is a small capacity chiller that is sized close to the minimum load to operate at its “sweet spot” in low load conditions when the main chiller would be oversized or less efficient. A chiller plant controller coordinates the main and swing chillers to operate in the best possible sequence, including pumps, for maximum efficiency and minimum power consumption.

Frequent start and stop cycles on the main chiller accelerate compressor tear and increase the risk of failures or the need for maintenance and overhauling. By adding a swing chiller and plant controller, we stop the main chiller from experiencing fast cycling, ensuring longer equipment life and less frequent overhauling.

Capital investment vs operating expense

You can choose whether you want to obtain your energy savings by purchasing a Swing Chiller as a capital investment, or by monthly subscription. Thanks to our Rental Services fleet, we can offer swing chillers for both short-term or long-term needs, in an Equipment-as-a-Service formula known as Trane EaaSy.

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Our approach to temporary HVAC and power goes beyond the typical drop-off. We design, deliver, install and even monitor safe and efficient rental solutions. Short term, long term, chiller, generator, or portable AC unit, we have the fleet and people where and when you need them.

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