For the development of a new building in Liverpool, the company's main requirements were for higly efficient and low noise system.


Fulfilling the extra energy efficiency and low noise requirements of the office building, Trane UK provided a high quality 1650 kW comfort cooling solution. The two RTAF 250 XE XLN chillers combine exceptional efficiency with smart operation ensuring low operating costs:
• Adaptive Frequency Drive, inverter technology
• Micro-channel condenser coils
• Quietest systems on the market


The facility ensures the highest standards of cooling comfort to occupants. Our efficient service and maintenance teams available 24/7 represent another substantial added value.

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Project highlights

Location: United Kingdom

Market application: Office Building

Customer need: Comfort cooling

Products installed: 2 x Sintesis Prime RTAF air-cooled Chillers

Cooling Capacity: 1650 kW

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Product name: Sintesis Prime RTAF Air-Cooled Chiller

At a glance:

  • Low energy consumption: high full (EEER) and part load efficiencies
  • Trane screw compressor with Variable Volume Index (XSE) to reach remarkable efficiency levels
  • Reduced refrigerant charge through microchannel condenser coils and optimized refrigeration circuit

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