A busy hospital in Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikstan, was seeking a solution that would provide 625kW x 4 of cooling capacity, along with robust, reliable and energy-efficient heating.

The installation was a new investment for the hospital and the client was very cost-conscious as well as driven by the need for low energy consumption. The original requirement for cooling capacity represented a substantial total investment cost.


Trane’s solution features four emission-free Sintesis™ Balance CMAF multi-pipe units with air-sourced renewable technology that enables full recovery and repurposing of heat. This ensures a lower carbon footprint compared to dependance on fossil fuel technologies.

Utilising advanced engineering tools, Trane was able to demonstrate that Trane's larger size CMAF units would provide a Total Effiiciency Ratio of over 8.0 during mid-season periods. This means that the hospital’s heating demands will be fully covered for eight months of the year.

Validated by Eurovent as a certified indicator of performance, Total Efficiency Ratio (TER) is a well-defined formula providing the most accurate indicator of a unit's total efficiency.
Trane multi-pipe units are versatile and cost effective with very high efficiency ratios making them ideal solutions to deliver cooling and heating for the entire multifunctional facility.


The hospital was easily convinced with Trane’s solution which was highly competitive and offered the best Total Efficiency Ratio on the market. The client also welcomed the reliability and sustainability that Trane systems offer.

The benefit of energy recovery implies that, during times when heating demand does not exceed cooling demand, the CMAF units are able to repurpose recovered heat to provide heating that is fully free of charge. This means that the hospital maximum heating demand of 1500 kW is fully covered by the multi-pipe units during the transition season.

The combination of the CMAF benefits means:
• Reduced investment costs
• Better use of floor space
• Lower total operating expenses
• High sustainability of operations

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Project highlights

Location: Tajikstan

Market application: Healthcare

Customer need: Comfort cooling

Products installed: 4 x CMAF 190 SE SN AC

Cooling Capacity: 2500 kW

Heating Capacity: 1500 kW

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Product name: Sintesis Balance™ CMAF Multi-Pipe Unit

At a glance:

  • Simultaneous cooling and heating all year around with two completely independent water circuits – one for chilled water and one for hot water
  • Proprietary Trane Adaptive Refrigerant System™: Optimized refrigerant charge in every operating mode to deliver maximum performance and highest efficiency levels
  • Unique Operating maps including high hot water temperatures for CMAF applications in regions where ambient air temperatures can reach -15°C

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