An award-winning packaging manufacturer in Turkey was seeking to replace a number of chillers at its large factory just outside the capital of Istanbul. The company is one of Europe’s leading producers of flexible packaging and exports to nearly 90 countries worldwide, specialising in consumer packaging solutions for the food, pet care, home and personal care sectors as well as specialty solutions for hygiene, healthcare and industrial applications. The company’s overall production capacity now totals more than 125,000 tons across 11 factories in two countries.

The client was looking for a cooling solution at its large Istanbul plant that could provide high levels of energy efficiency coupled with excellent service and robust, reliable performance. The company’s goal was to centralise its system, cut operating costs and energy consumption while also reducing maintenance requirements.


The company’s existing installation had been supplied by a Trane competitor and Trane was now up against tough pricing competition in devising a solution to meet the customer’s new requirements. Despite this aggressive pricing environment, Trane was able to turn the selection process into a beneficial experience for the client by providing comprehensive technical analysis and detailed competitor comparisons.

Trane recommended the installation of High Efficiency and High Seasonal Efficiency air-cooled screw chiller units from its acclaimed RTAF range. The installed system included:
• 1 x 175 HSE
• 1 x 145 HSE
• 2 x 145 HE
• 1 x 310 HE

The client was delighted with the new system’s technical advantages and energy efficiency. The units are Eurovent-rated and the environmentally compatible design of the units (EcoDesign) ensures very high EER levels.


RTAF units are the quietest on the market. They provide exceptional energy efficiency and are robustly-built for reliable performance. The units can provide year-round cooling in ambient temperatures ranging from -18°C to 46°C, making them ideally suited to industrial applications.

Trane has now built up a strong working relationship with the client based on trust and reliability. Thanks to the units’ excellent, year-round part load efficiency, the new system provides energy savings of around 15% to 17% and is proving a great Return on Investment.

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Project highlights

Location: Turkey

Market application: Industry (packaging)

Customer need: Process cooling

Products installed: 5 x Sintesis Prime RTAF air-cooled Chillers

Cooling Capacity: 2850 kW

Featured products

Product name: Sintesis Prime RTAF Air-Cooled Chiller

At a glance:

  • Low energy consumption: high full load (EER), seasonal comfort cooling (SEER) and process cooling (SEPR-HT and SEPR-MT) efficiencies
  • Ultra wide operating map both on airside and waterside
  • Highly configurable product design and options to meet specific performance requirements and budget needs
  • Trane design and manufactured semi-hermetic screw compressor technology. Fixed and variable speed versions, plus variable Volume Index models to reach remarkable efficiency levels.
  • Trane-patented flooded evaporator CHIL (Compact - High Performance - Integrated design - Low charge) design

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