An energy service company in West Germany turned to Trane for their new district heating and cooling system. The company was looking for the most efficient energy system to supply office buildings and a university. Space was a major concern.


Trane solution was to provide six City RTSF 110 heat pumps fitted with R1234ze refrigerant. A Tracer building management system (BMS) was added to further optimize the control of the chillers and hydraulic system.

Thanks to its compact and modular system - designed to reach temperature up to 80°C, Trane City RTSF water-to-water heat pumps are an ideal sustainable solution for capacity extension projects in restricted spaces.


Trane heat pump installation coupled with BMS now helps the ernergy service compnay supply the required cooling and heating to the buildings.

Trane City chiller and heat pump units can help balance cooling and heating needs resulting in a greatly reduced carbon footprint and lower maintenance requirements and costs.

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Project highlights

Location: Germany

Market application: District heating

Customer need:

Products installed: • 6 x City RTSF water-to-water Heat pumps • BAS

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Product name: City™ RTSF Water-Cooled Chiller

At a glance:

  • 99.5% reliability rate
  • Compact and modular: Fits in restricted spaces - 920 mm width only
  • Fully optimized for HFO refrigerant R1234ze (<1 GWP)

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