At the beginning of the second Summer of the Covid-19 pandemic, a hospital in Italy needed an emergency rental solution to convert their gym into a new vaccination center.


Trane Rental Services quickly deployed the cooling system. They installed and commissioned two rooftop units delivering thermal comfort while improving indoor air quality.

The Trane rooftops cool indoor space while supplying 100% fresh air and increasing the number of air changes per hour.


Vaccinations have been delivered in an air-conditioned environment for staff and patient’s comfort.

Trane provided the right solution in a very limited time. Our responsive and flexible approach provided great relief to the coordination and medical teams on site.

Throughout the pandemic, Trane Europe has been providing speedily-delivered cooling solutions to create Covid-19 vaccination centers.

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Project highlights

Location: Italy

Market application: Healthcare

Customer need:

Products installed: 2 x Airfinity Rooftop units

Cooling Capacity: 170 kW

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Product name: Airfinity One Rooftop

At a glance:

  • Optimum comfort and high Indoor Air Quality
  • Energy savings: Free cooling and heat recovery solutions for maximum energy savings
  • High performance: High efficiency hermetic scroll type compressors in tandem for high seasonal efficiency,

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