During the rapid spread of COVID-19, this market-leading pharmaceutical company in northern Spain was engaged in ensuring the continued supply of medicines to the people who needed them. When two faulty chillers were detected in their HVAC system, a hire solution was urgently needed to avoid any production delays.


The pharmaceutical group recently had new Trane equipment installed in this facility. Their positive experience with Trane’s efficient equipment and services prompted them to call Trane Rental Services for a reliable and fast hire solution. The unprecedented growing demand for medicines to save people’s lives urged the Spanish team to act quickly. They were already familiar with the HVAC installation on site. The team rapidly executed an assessment and easily determined the best temperature control equipment to accelerate the implementation process.

The two defective chillers were removed and replaced with a single rental air-cooled chiller, providing a faster and more efficient solution. The rental and service team carried out the installation and commissioning. Very quickly, the required 645 kW cooling capacity was delivered to the clean rooms.


The fast response and installation of one high-capacity cooling system helped maintain the constant cooling and precise temperature control needed to meet the customer’s critical medicine production safety and speed requirements.

During the challenging conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic, Trane reaffirmed its commitment to providing uninterrupted high-quality service to critical businesses. This successful emergency rental solution was another example of how Trane’s unique engineering expertise combined with an expansive rental fleet and highly-skilled service technicians could make a significant difference.

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Project highlights

Location: Spain

Market application: Pharmaceutical

Customer need:

Products installed: 1 X RTAD air-cooled chiller

Cooling Capacity: 645kW

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Product name: Sintesis Prime RTAF Air-Cooled Chiller

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  • Low energy consumption: high full (EEER) and part load efficiencies
  • Trane screw compressor with Variable Volume Index (XSE) to reach remarkable efficiency levels
  • Reduced refrigerant charge through microchannel condenser coils and optimized refrigeration circuit

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