Italy was the first country in Europe hit by the COVID-19 outbreak. With the initial exponential growth rate of infected patients needing treatment, this hospital in Rome – like many others shortly after in the rest of Europe – became quickly overwhelmed by new admissions. Faced with the lack of space, the hospital was quickly under pressure to find solutions to open new isolation and intensive care units (ICUs). They decided to reopen an additional healthcare facility not yet fitted with an HVAC system. It was critical to have the facility operational within 72 hours.


When the call for help came, the Italian rental team rose to the challenge of securing cooling in the hospital facility within 24 hours.

A service expert immediately went on site to make an assessment. The following day, the team delivered an air-cooled chiller and deployed 100 metresof pipe and 100 metres of electrical cables. They repaired an electrical cable and soon afterwards the required 530 kW of cooling were delivered to the building.

“We had the system up and running within 24 hours. I am really proud of the work we were able to accomplish to contribute to the health of my country, explains Gianluca Capuani, Solutions Sales Engineer in Rental and Services.


The hospital opened on time within the tight given schedule. The staff were able to admit and treat more patients in proper climate conditions.

As Trane teams across Europe and in the rest of the world navigated this challenging time together, our strong organisation of application engineers, manufacturing facilities, equipment and service experts worked tirelessly to support crucial infrastructure needs in hospitals and essential businesses, supporting the global response to the Coronavirus pandemic. Trane Rental Services has always found ways to respond to unprecedented spike in demand for rental solutions – with partnership from resilient, agile and ever-ready teams.

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Project highlights

Location: Italy

Market application: Healthcare

Customer need:

Products installed: 1 X RTAD air-cooled chiller

Cooling Capacity: 530kW

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