A leading Portuguese beverage company undergoing building extension works needed to remove their steam pipes connected to the production lines. A temporary Rental solution was needed to provide hot water at 55°C. The high quality manufacturing standards meant that precise specifications had to be met. Trane Rental Services was entrusted with the project.


The local rental team did a thorough site survey to provide the best suited system. They provided a complete solution with two Trane rental heat pump units and one buffer tank. Fitted with Trane Adaptive Control™ technology, the high-efficiency heat pumps ensure precise temperature control.

The installation was efficiently installed and commissioned, providing the needed hot water at a constant temperature of 55°C. The swift deployment by Trane expert technicians ensured little disruption and minimum downtime.


The local Trane hire team were able to meet the customer’s specific requirements. Our efficient solution gave the manufacturer peace of mind that their production would be safe until the production line could be moved to the new building.

With our wide range of Rental cooling and heating equipment, Trane’s experienced Rental teams can help you maintain normal operations during renovations or major improvements.

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Project highlights

Location: Portugal

Market application: F&B

Customer need:

Products installed: 2 X CXAM air-to-water heat pumps

Cooling Capacity: 650kW

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Product name: Sintesis Advantage CGAF Air-Cooled Chiller

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  • Reduced footprint: ideal for retro-fit installations and new buildings
  • High efficiency at full load and part load with variable volume scroll compressor technology and variable speed fans
  • Reduced refrigerant charge thanks to microchannel condenser coil and optimized refrigeration circuit

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