Outdoor ice skating has become a popular winter leisure activity across Europe.

Local government in Budapest wanted to create state-of-the-art ice attractions for the community providing quality sports for all ages.

The event organisers decided to build Csepel Skating Park (Csepeli Jégpark). With a total area of 950 m2, the park would offer a unique skating experience with two different ice areas:

• Ice rink 25 x 30 m
• Ice corridor 2.5 m wide x 150 m long winding through the surrounding park.

The challenge of this design was to create a uniform and smooth skating surface throughout the different skating areas.


Trane Rental Services was selected for their reliable expertise in chilling ice rinks and 24/7 on-call service.

The local hire team provided a full turnkey solution. Trane’s experienced hire engineers surveyed the site to select the best cooling equipment for this special ice cooling project.

Two high performance chillers with quick-freezing properties were installed and commissioned. A thick and smooth ice surface was created providing a high quality and safe skating experience for all.


The opening ceremony was a fantastic celebration. Figure skating champions Nóra Hoffmann and Attila Elek gave a spectacular performance with the participation of their ice-dancing friends and violin player Edvin Marton.

The skating rink remained open to the public every day from the end of November to March. It was also the perfect setting for special events such as racing, all-night skating, speedy stunts, broomball games or curling.

The team oversaw the whole project and ensured the ice cooling remained optimal for the duration of the rental. The successful skating park experience and the quality ice provided throughout the winter season made it one of the most popular outdoor rinks in the Hungarian capital.

Are you looking for a reliable temporary ice rink provider? Trane’s wide range of hire chillers allows us to provide cooling services to any size of ice rink in any location. With hundreds of locations across Europe, Trane Rental Services has the expertise to help you create your next ice rink cooling event.

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Project highlights

Location: Hungary

Market application: Ice Rink

Customer need:

Products installed: 2 X RTAD air-cooled screw chillers

Cooling Capacity: 800kW

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Product name: Sintesis Prime RTAF Air-Cooled Chiller

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