Tohani Romania, one of Romania’s most important and successful wineries, has been expanding production with a new building. The award-winning winery, which is located on a large estate in the celebrated “Dealu Mare” wine region in the south of the country, has been producing wine for over 200 years. The winery lies on the same 45° latitude as Bordeaux and has won multiple national and international awards over the years.

Trane Rental Services started supporting the winery in 2019. The customer already owns a large chiller in its existing building and was seeking a rental solution to provide cooling during the wine-making fermentation process in the new extension. Thanks to close collaboration with the customer, the local Trane Rental team has gained a comprehensive understanding of the winery’s processes and was able to propose the most suitable technical solution. The specialized wine fermentation installation needs to be kept under precisely controlled temperatures by the rental chillers.


Trane’s close working relationship with Tohani has ensured that it can determine the right solution every year. Being able to integrate Trane Rental equipment into the winery’s technological processes has also been integral to the success of the project.

In the first year (2019), Trane Rental supplied an RTAD115 chiller. Demand has grown each year and, from August to November 2022, Trane Rental supplied two units to the winery:
• 1 x Conquest air-cooled chiller providing 350kW capacity and
• 1 x air-cooled chiller providing 160kW capacity.

With capabilities for wide ambient outdoor temperatures and a wide leaving water temperature range, Trane Rental chillers come with air cooled condensers and heat-pump capabilities and are ideal for wineries as they provide highly accurate and precise temperature control which is vital during the fermentation process.


The customer is very satisfied with Trane Rental’s cooling solution which has enabled to boost capacity year-on-year. The Trane Rental service has also ensured that Tohani can be truly flexible, adjusting the cooling capacity and number of chillers each year based on production needs. The winery’s production is up to 3 million litres of wine every year.

Wineries and breweries are an important market in Romania – and not just for rental chillers. Trane Rental Services also provides heat pumps to wineries located in colder regions. When ambient temperatures are very cold, this can seriously impact wine production – simply put, fermentation will just stop. Heating solutions ensure that production can continue without interruption and are used during various stages in the wine-making process.

Romania is one of the largest wine producers in the world with a growing number of high-quality winemakers. There are currently more than 400 wineries operating in Romania and the number is growing significantly every year with both new plantations and revived old vineyards.

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Project highlights

Location: Romania

Market application: Foood & beverage

Customer need: Seasonal process cooling: 2000 kW

Products installed: 2 x air-cooled scroll chillers

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Product name: Conquest CXAX Air-to-Water Heat Pump

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  • Compact design: reduced footprint and low-profile design
  • Reversible operation: cooling or heating
  • Optimized for R454B low GWP refrigerant and high seasonal efficiency

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