A large electronics industry in the northwest of Italy needed an emergency rental solution to replace a broken cooling system. The rental system was only required for a short period as cover while a new system was being installed. The requirement was for a system that would provide efficient cooling for the office building and the area production during the warm summer months.


Trane provided a two-step solution with a CXAM 80 air-to-water heat pump for a three-month rental to cover the transition to their new replacement system – a Sintesis CGAF 90.

The full turnkey rental project perfectly met the customer's requirements:
• Special shipping package
• Special architectural louvered panel (protection grids)
• Flexible pipes with easy connection
• Super quite unit + EC fans
• High ambient temperature operation map (+52 C)
• Up to -10C evaporator water leaving
• Aluminum ladder to easy access for maintanance
• System control panel
• Service technical availability h24 7/7


The customer's rental began early summer with the new product set to be installed at the end of the year. Trane collaborated closely with the client on the project. The highly successful team effort is the first step in an anticipated long-term business relationship.

We pride ouselves on finding perfect solutions for clients – not only to fulfil building and application requirements but also to meet sustainability goals and any budget constraints.

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Project highlights

Location: Italy

Market application: Industry

Customer need:

Products installed: • 1 x rental air-to-water Heat pump • 1 x new Sintesis Advantage CGAF air-cooled Chiller

Cooling Capacity: 320 kW

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Product name: Sintesis Advantage CGAF Air-Cooled Chiller

At a glance:

  • Reduced footprint: ideal for retro-fit installations and new buildings
  • High efficiency at full load and part load with variable volume scroll compressor technology and variable speed fans
  • Reduced refrigerant charge thanks to microchannel condenser coil and optimized refrigeration circuit

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