In the heart of London, a spectacular Grade II Listed building faced an emergency situation when a fire damaged a newly installed chiller. This landmark property, originally built as a theatre in the late 19th century, now serves as a popular casino and entertainment venue, located just a short walk from Trafalgar Square in the West End.

The mishap occurred when a welding contractor accidentally set fire to the new chiller. In need of an urgent replacement while the insurance claim was being processed, the casino sought out a hire solution.


Trane Rental Services delivered a reliable solution with minimal disruption and fast turnaround time. The local team provided a CXAX 60 chiller, capable of supplying the additional 150kW capacity required by the casino.

After the establishment completed essential remedial works, Trane Rental installed the new chiller on the rooftop, five floors above the casino. Despite the bustling nature of the West End, no road closures were necessary as the crane was placed in a pedestrianised area. The installation was scheduled during the early hours of Saturday morning when traffic and footfall would be at a minimum.


The provided solution ensured that the casino maintained comfortable cooling for both staff and visitors. To further assist the customer, Trane Rental Services took care of the removal and storage of the damaged chiller, allowing insurance loss adjusters to conduct inspections. Initially rented for 16 weeks, the rental period was extended multiple times while the insurance claim was assessed. Once the claim was settled, the casino placed an order for a replacement chiller from Trane.

The Conquest CXAX chiller, known for its compact and low profile design, is optimized for efficient performance with high seasonal efficiency and the use of R454B low GWP refrigerant. Operating noise can be a significant disturbance in sensitive building environments but Trane’s Conquest range has also been designed to deliver lower operating noise without compromising efficiency or footprint.

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Project highlights

Location: United Kingdom

Market application: Office Building (Casino)

Customer need: Emergency comfort cooling after fire damages chiller

Products installed: Conquest CGAX air-cooled chiller

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Product name: Conquest CGAX Air-Cooled Chiller

At a glance:

  • Compact: reduced footprint and low-profile design
  • Optimized for R454B low GWP refrigerant and high seasonal efficiency
  • Proven reliability with microchannel condenser coils

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