XStream ™ Excellent GVWF Water-Cooled Chiller

Cooling capacity: 350 - 2530 kW

  • High speed centrifugal compressor with magnetic bearings
  • Industry-leading part load and full load efficiencies
  • Double refrigerant circuit
    Single refrigerant circuit (GVWF 115 / 140 XSE G)
  • Trane patented flooded evaporator
  • Ideal for energy efficient and demanding comfort or industrial applications.
  • GVWF 620 XSE G specially optimized for data center applications:
    - SEER = 10.43
    - Evaporator leaving temp up to 30°C
    - Options: Fast restart time and connection to UPS

Outstanding energy efficiency

The Trane XStream™ series design has been driven by our commitment to achieve the lowest energy consumption. Units deliver market-leading part load and full load efficiency performance.

Low energy consumption and enhanced efficiency are achieved with Trane high speed centrifugal compressor:
• Permanent magnet motor
• Oil free and silent operation thanks to frictionless magnetic levitation bearings
• Integrated Variable Frequency Drive
• Soft starter module
• Only one moving part

Excellence is standard on all models

With its wide capacity range up to 2.5 MW and industry leading
part load and full load efficiencies, XStream eXcellent chillers are suited for any critical environments.

Innovative solutions are standard on all models:
• Multiple compressors (1, 2, 3 or 4)
• Double refrigerant circuit (Single for GVWF 115 / 140 XSE G)
• Economizer circuit
• EMC filter to avoid harmonic transfer to compressor(s)

Multiple chiller plant design

The overall GVWF unit efficiency can be enhanced by using the Series counterflow design, an alternative chiller layout to the conventional parallel piped configuration.

This layout provides the opportunity for:
• Lower chilled water design temperature with larger ΔT
• Reduced design flow
• Installation and operational cost savings by using fewer installed pumps and valves, reduced pipe diameters and chiller downsizing
• Maximized system efficiency
• Continuous temperatures allow better stability of controls.

Combining series configuration with Variable Primary Flow (VPF) makes it possible to increase system efficiency even further.

Variable Primary Flow (VPF) capabilities

VPF systems provide building owners with multiple cost savings derived directly from pump operation. The XStream series is designed to make VPF easy to use:

• The evaporator on theGVWF XStream series can run safely with up to 50% water flow reduction.
• The microprocessor and capacity control algorithms are designed to handle a maximum of 10% change in water flow rate per minute in order to maintain ±0.3°C temperature control leaving the evaporator.
• For applications in which system energy savings are the priority and tight temperature control is classified as +/- 1.1°C, up to 30% change in flow per minute is possible.
• With the help of a Trane analysis tool, you can determine whether the anticipated energy savings justify the use of VPF in a particular application.

  • Operating Conditions: Comfort cooling ‒ From +5 to 20°C on the evaporator side and up to 55°C on the condenser side.
    GVWF 620 XSE G up to 30°C on the evaporator side.

  • GVWF packaged chillers are available in 34 different models with four refrigerants.

  • GVWF G | GVWF XSE G: R1234ze/R515B — GVWF: R134a/R513A

Technical Specifications

Product name Cooling capacity Heating capacity Eurovent certification ErP Certification
XStream ™ Excellent GVWF Water-Cooled Chiller 350-2530 kW N/A
Compressor Refrigerants Energy saving Operating mode Data protocols Unit type
High speed centrifugal with magnetic bearing
R1234ze | R513A | R134a | R515B Adaptive Frequency™ Drive
Cooling only


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