Cascade System


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Trane's cascade systems combine water-to-water heat pump capability when natural water energy sources or reusable waste energy are available, with air-to-water heat pump systems using ambient air as an additional energy source. By enabling the connection of both heat pump technologies, cascade systems combine waste heat and ambient air energy sources to create heating at the highest efficiency possible.

Cascade system configuration

The system is made up of two stages:
• The first stage consists of air or water source heat pumps (or heat recovery chillers) and produces hot water at intermediate temperatures (25-50°C)
• The second stage consists of water source heat pumps, usually called Booster, producing water at higher temperature (Up to 120°C).

Ideal for a wide range of heating applications

Cascade systems are best suited for:

• High temperature heating system or hot water requirements with low temperature source
• Colder climates with air as source
• Applications requiring two levels of hot water temperature or simultaneous demand for cooling and domestic hot water productions (ex: hotel applications)

The most versatile and flexible portfolio

Trane offers a broad portfolio of heating and cooling products to satisfy any heating and/or cooling demands:

• Highly efficient heating and cooling solutions
• Domestic hot water production
• Low GWP equipment
• CO2 savings
• Service and rental capabilities 24/7

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