Temperature controlled storage and warehousing solutions

Cold Storage

Low to ultra-low temperature capability

Easy to use and easy to service

Precise temperature control from 40°C to -70°C

Trane reliability, efficiency and service coverage


Trane offers cold storage solutions with extensive applications in short-term to long-term storage, warehousing and testing. Our solutions can be adapted to perfectly meet your needs with options including telematics, remote monitoring and Controlled Atmosphere.

Unitary cold storage solutions

Low to ultra low temperature solutions ranging from -70°C to +40°C:

• Available in ISO containers sizes 10', 20' and 40'
• Precise temperature control
• Fully electric operation, with optional diesel generator back-up
• Factory fitted telematics: Real-time remote monitoring, 24/7 (option)
• Easy to use/easy to service: Simple design and most advanced controller in the industry

Applied low temperature solutions

Low temperature systems for all building sizes and types from -20°C to +40°C:

• Air handling units + chiller / boiler/ heat pump: from +30°C to 0°C.
• Low temperature and very low temperature fancoils: from +2°C to -10°C.
• Low temperature fancoils + chiller/ heat pump: from -10°C to -20°C.

A large range of applications

Any raw material or finished product requiring temperature controlled storage to preserve or increase shelf life. R&D applications where a temperature controlled environment is required to enable Accelerated Life Testing (ALT) of critical components.

Our unitary and applied solutions can fit all industries

• Food and Beverage, manufacturing sites
• Warehouses
• R&D material and high-tech components
• Pharmaceuticals, Bio-life, Healthcare
• Festivals/ events/exhibition centers
• Supermarkets

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