Free cooling


Simple and reliable

Ideal for chilled water plants with variable cooling load

Also available as a rental solution

When the outside air temperature is colder than the process fluid to be cooled down, the amount of process heat taken out of the process fluid by the air increases, reducing or eliminating the need to run a vapor compression cycle. The process heat is removed by the ambient air in the free cooler providing "Free Cooling".

Free cooling reduces energy consumption by up to 80% and extends your chiller lifetime.

Highest cooling efficiency with minimum energy consumption

When the ambient temperature is below the temperature of the fluid returning to the chiller evaporator, the outdoor air can be used to cool the water, thus reducing or even eliminating the need to run the chiller. In many applications such as data centers and plastic industries, water temperatures are running above 10°C, the opportunity to operate in “free cooling” mode is extended along the year.

Perfectly integrated with the existing chilled water plant

The dry cooler and necessary ancillaries are easy to integrate even in an existing chilled water plant. By installing one or more Dry Coolers in a sidestream configuration, free cooling can be added to the existing chillers, and deliver savings even when the ambient is just 5°C below the return water temperature.

When outside temperatures do not allow free cooling mode, the dry cooler is disabled and the existing chilled water system can operate as per the original system design.

From a controls standpoint, Trane's Tracer SC+ can be programmed with the most efficient algorithm to maximize the savings or the return on investment and includes the benefit of remote connection and Intelligent Services.

Dry cooler offering

Our standard offering features two basic models for 250kW and 500kW nominal duty. They can be combined in multiples to provide the required performance. We can also create a custom solution to fit your needs.

Capital investment vs operating expense

Free Cooling is an important part of the efficiency portfolio we've developed to optimize your operation, generating immediate savings during the colder seasons.

You can choose whether you want to obtain your energy savings as a capital investment, or by monthly subscription. Thanks to our Rental Services fleet, we can offer Dry Coolers for both short-term or long-term needs, in an Equipment-as-a-Service formula known as Trane EaaSy.

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Rental Services

Our approach to temporary HVAC and power goes beyond the typical drop-off. We design, deliver, install and even monitor safe and efficient rental solutions. Short term, long term, chiller, generator, or portable AC unit, we have the fleet and people where and when you need them.

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