Minimum setpoint: -40°C

  • Tailormade modular container storage to answer any requirements of space and configuration
  • Flexible storage solution for any temperature set-point: between -40°C and +45°C in ambient conditions up to +50°C
  • Advanced temperature management control system for extremely precise temperature control over the whole operating range (-40°C to +45°C):
    +/- 0.25°C in chilled mode and
    +/- 1°C in frozen mode.
  • Containers 40 ft and entering zone 20 ft as an option

Smart and simple solution

Discover the perfect flexible solution for your temporary cold storage needs with Trane M-STORE. Our highly modular system offers a comprehensive range of setpoints, from -45°C to +50°C, ensuring your products are stored at the precise temperature required. No longer will you need to go through the time-consuming and high-budget process of designing and constructing a temperature-controlled warehouse.

With Trane M-STORE, prompt assistance is always at your fingertips. Our services cater to a wide range of requirements, whether you need just two containers or seek virtually limitless possibilities and configurations. Experience convenient and tailored storage solutions with Trane M-STORE.

SmartPTI: automated performance audits

Experience the power of Smart PTI (Pre-Trip Inspection) with Trane M-STORE and its intelligent MP-4000 controller.

The controller continually monitors the unit's health and compares current performance to expected values. With the added feature of Smart PTI, trend analysis of the unit's health over time is conducted, even when the cold store container is loaded with products.

Say goodbye to the need for emptying the container and performing a complete PTI, saving you valuable time and money. A smiley face will display with a tick sign to indicate that everything is in order, providing reassurance at a glance. The data logger records all values, allowing you to conveniently download the results whenever necessary.

Trust in the efficiency and convenience of Trane M-STORE's Smart PTI feature to streamline your operations.

Unlimited configurations

Create versatile storage paces. With Trane M-STORE, the possibilities are endless. By incorporating a variety of container types, you can design a comprehensive range of super storage solutions tailored to your specific needs. Unlock ample space for warehousing, dedicated areas for processing and production, an enclosed entry room that minimizes temperature fluctuations, and a designated loading and unloading zone for trucks.

No matter the requirements of your operations, Trane M-STORE provides the flexibility and versatility to meet and exceed your expectations. Revolutionize your storage capabilities and maximize efficiency with Trane M-STORE.

Seamless connectivity

The MP-4000 controller revolutionizes the way you monitor and manage your reefer units remotely. With seamless compatibility and a wide range of telematics solutions, both one-way and two-way communication become smooth and hassle-free.

Experience the ideal solution for monitoring your reefer units from any remote location, enabling you to change set-points or retrieve datalog files conveniently. The MP-4000 also offers the flexibility of serial connection to other systems or data transfer via API, opening up a world of possibilities for seamless integration with your existing infrastructure.

Technical Specifications

ISO 6346 type R22B/45R1
Operational environment "The container is designed and manufactured for the carriage of deep frozen products at ambient temperature from +50°C to -30°C without effect on the strength of the structure. A CFF refrigeration unit of a “one piece picture frame type” fitted to the front end frame. The container is designed with a refrigeration unit to maintain the inside space temperature at +45°C to -30°C"
Standard and regulations The containers comply with following authorized standards and regulations: ABS, Bureau Veritas, Lloyds Register, ISO/TC-104, ISO1496-2, ISO-668, TIR, CSC. They are built to be capable of being handled without permanent deformation on following basis: Lifting, loaded or empty, at top corner fittings vertically by means of spreaders fitted with hooks, shackles or twist-locks. Lifting, loaded or empty, at bottom corner fittings using slings with terminal fittings at any angle between vertical and 45° to the horizontal.
Air (Q) and Heat (U) Leakages The air leakage is less than 6 m3/hr when the inside pressure of the container is 250 Pa. The total heat loss of the container is 30 W/K at mean insulation wall temperature of 20°C.
Insulation material Cyclo Pentane blown rigid polyurethane foam; Flammability SE class (Self-extinguishing). In foamed sandwich panels where acrylic adhesive is coated on the inner surface of aluminum panels and stainless steel inner linings.
Door access Special doors
Escape door Customizable
Floor The floor is composed of corrugated sub-floor and floor flat with reversed T-shaped floor-board with insulation of polyurethane. The corrugated sub-floor is welded to the lower bottom side rails. Four (4) drain holes are provided at the front and rear end of the container. The float valve in the drain cover adjusts water in and out automatically. Floor Flat Reversed T-shaped extruded aluminum, flat surface is 30 mm high.
Configuration Internal light.

Refrigerant R452A
Minimum setpoint -40°C
Maximum setpoint +45°C
Power supply 32A 3-phase 400V 50Hz
Controller mp4000
Fresh air vent Yes


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