A multinational pharmaceuticals company in Germany is in the process of building a large new on-campus education centre for staff training. The company required a very robust and reliable cooling and heating solution to provide 2,000 kW of energy-efficient capacity to the new building.

With a chilly north side and a warmer south side, the construction design means the building has differing cooling and heating needs throughout the day. Noise constraints were also a key factor in devising an appropriate solution; the units are being installed on the building’s roof and the customer is wary of disturbing neighbouring businesses and was seeking the quietest possible solution.


The customer opted for three Sintesis Balance™ CMAF 190 HE XLN multi-pipe units, each providing 650 kW with High Efficiency and extra low-noise.

The CMAF is a multi-pipe unit which uses the latest technology to provide simultaneous cooling and heating all year around. The CMAF units have two completely independent water circuits – one for chilled water and one for hot water.

The 4-pipe units enable total recovery and repurposing of heat to fully cover the building maximum heating demand during the eight mid-season months of the year.

The CMAF is built on Trane’s well-known Sintesis™ platform, sharing many of the same components and technologies as Sintesis™ chillers and heat pumps and a proven reliability
record. This guarantees smooth operation and reliable comfort for building users, while also facilitating service and keeping operating costs to a minimum.


The CMAF can produce hot and chilled water at the same time – ideal for the new training centre which has simultaneous heating and cooling requirements. Trane’s solution ticks all the boxes – robust and reliable, providing outstanding energy efficiency, and supported by Trane’s acclaimed 24-hour support service.

Simultaneous heating and cooling by one single unit eliminates the need for separate systems to fulfil a building's variable heating and cooling needs. This provides better use of floor space, reduced investment costs and lower total operating expenses — while significantly improving operational sustainability.

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Project highlights

Location: Germany

Market application: Office Building

Customer need: Simultaneous comfort cooling and heating

Products installed: 3 x Sintesis Balance CMAF 190 HE XLN multi-pipe units

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Product name: Sintesis Balance™ CMAF Multi-Pipe Unit

At a glance:

  • Simultaneous cooling and heating all year around with two completely independent water circuits – one for chilled water and one for hot water
  • Proprietary Trane Adaptive Refrigerant System™: Optimized refrigerant charge in every operating mode to deliver maximum performance and highest efficiency levels
  • Unique Operating maps including high hot water temperatures for CMAF applications in regions where ambient air temperatures can reach -15°C

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